November 13, 2015

When are squirrels most active in an attic or crawlspace?

By Ryan Earl
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squirrel entry point in home via hole in roof

We get many questions on how to solve squirrel problems, but here are two that come up the most:

Questions: When are squirrels most active in an attic or crawlspace? 
When are they going to have babies?

So let's start with "When do squirrels have babies?"...


Although climate, location, and food supply can change mating habits,
be on the look out for babies during the following times of year:

Late Spring & Fall


And "When are squirrels most active in attics or crawl spaces?"...


Here in PA, when the sun’s just starting to set a little earlier, and the nights are getting colder, you know squirrels are prepping for the fall/winter season too. 

This means squirrels will be sizing up possible trees or deciding your attic is a nicer choice.

If you've had a squirrel problem in your attic before, you may want to try to chase rodents out before their numbers increase.

Tip: Give the squirrels enough time to build another nest, if their current nest is taking shape in your home.

We recommend hanging a squirrel box in a nearby tree to help them along .

Dealing with a squirrel, rat, or raccoon problem is difficult, but you will save yourself a lot of hassle and money if you take care of it early with the Evictor® Strobe Light.