Top 5 Ways to Eliminate Squirrels in Attic and Crawlspaces

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(1) EVICTOR® Strobe Lights for Squirrels in Attics

The EVICTOR is the only patented strobe light that is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. It is the most successful method of evicting squirrels from attics and crawlspaces.

This works

Had two holes a foot wide chewed into my attic and the critters partied every night. Had exterminators come in and offer to plug up the attic for $3200. Searched for an alternative and found Evictor. Figured it was worth a try and bought two 10K strobes to cover the attic. Have not heard a peep since I installed them. Been a year and need to replace the bulbs. Not cheep as bulbs go but I can buy a lot of them for $3200.


EVICTOR® Strobe Lights will annoy a squirrel's sensitive eye sight and force them to find a new nest outside of the attic.

Massey Services Inc uses Evictor Strobe Lights for Squirrels in AtticsThe EVICTOR is used by one of the top 5 largest pest control companies in the nation; Massey Services Inc. to get rid of squirrels, roof rats, and feral cats in attics, crawlspaces and darkened areas in residential homes and commercial buildings.


On one of our tests in the past month we have placed your (EVICTOR® 10K) in a squirrel infested attic in Lake Mary, Florida. With only one unit, the (Evictor Strobe Light 10K) elimated squirrel noises at one end of the home but forced the squirrel(s) to the other end of the home.

We then placed the unit at the other end of the home and in a few more days the squirrel(s) had completely left the attic. We continued to run the unit for over 2 weeks after the squirrels left, and since no further activity existed for such a long duration, we removed the unit last week.

In this test we have left the squirrel entry points unsealed to see how long it might take before any squirrels re-enter. It's been one week now and they haven't re-entered! I'll keep you posted.

(2) Exclusion

After installing the EVICTOR® Strobe Lights in your attic or crawlspace, a squirrel's entry and exit points may be closed or sealed up with hardware cloth or steel mesh. You may also try to fix any damaged fascia board with aluminum capping for aesthetics.

(3) Squirrel Boxes

Giving the squirrel another home is essential in the squirrel eviction process. Each squirrel may have multiple nests and if a tree was recently removed that had a squirrel nest it will have no other options but to try and find a way to keep warm. This can mean entering people's homes, attics and crawlspaces. Adding a Squirrel Box to high fence line or nearby tree high off the ground can help encourage the squirrels living in your attic to leave.

(4) Fox Scent

Homeowner's report increased success at evicting squirrels when fox scent is sprayed along gutters, roofs, or ridge lines where squirrels can be spotted traveling regularly.

A natural predator's scent may be the only thing a squirrel needs to get the message that your house is not where they are supposed to be

(5) Do not Trap or Poison Squirrels

Sometimes the best advice to give is to help define what not to do. Trapping and Poisoning squirrels is a risky and ineffective method to achieve a permanent solution to your attic squirrel problem. Trapping and poisoning squirrels is also the most advised method for professionals and homeowners.

A baited trap can leave the smell of food in an attic and attract additional squirrels or other small wildlife. If you trap one squirrel, another may take its place in your attic.

Many pest professionals are trained to trap and remove wildlife in attics and crawlspaces. This can have many harmful consequences including leading to a mother squirrel being separated from baby squirrels left to die in the attic. It also doesn't stop the most common problem of having squirrels come and go into an attic.

Releasing a squirrel many miles away from your home doesn't stop the next squirrel from entering your attic.

Squirrels often mark territory with urine and fecal matter. This material will likely still have an odor to a squirrel even when cleaned up by a professional. That odor will attract other squirrels to an attic to make a nest.

As stated above, Massey Services Inc, one of the top 5 largest pest control companies in the USA uses the EVICTOR Strobe Light to get rid of wildlife in attics and crawlspaces.

A squirrel may chew wiring and start an electrical fire without ever going to a baited trap.

Poisoning squirrels is dangerous to wildlife and can kill pets or harm other nearby wildlife. Squirrels are prolific in wooded areas and poisoning squirrels in attics can lead to a never ending battle with a messy clean up.

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