December 15, 2017

Evictor® For Roof Rats [Featured In: Rat Control Reviews]

By Ryan Earl
A Miracle! No more sounds of little feet running across the ceiling. No more new holes chewed in our siding. It actually worked!

Randy Parsley

Randy Parsley - Rat Control ReviewsRandy Parsley, of Rat Control Reviews, not only wrote about how the Evictor® helped his personal roof rat problem, he made fantastic, informative videos for his YouTube channel recommending our product too!

Randy lives in Florida, where roof rats are a major pest issue for homeowners.  He explains that his family had a recurring roof rat problem for 18 years.  One of his posts titled, No, I Can't Kill Him! points out the feelings many have when it comes to really facing a household pest:  "I often felt twinges of sadness as I don’t like to see anything die. After all, they are just trying to survive like the rest of us", he explains.  Randy was using lethal traps to solve his roof rat problem initially.  We believe may homeowners out there ask themselves, Can my pest problem be solved without killing the pest...? 

Randy's distress with his roof rat issue is genuinely expressed in his posts.  Roof rats in the attic can quickly turn destructive and dangerous.  Roof rats are capable of breeding quickly, carrying diseases, and doing major damage to parts of your home.  Having a recurring roof rat problem in the attic can be incredibly hard to keep up with:

“No matter how much we trapped them, sealed their access points, etc. they would always chew a new hole through our cedar siding and be back in the attic again. We hired various pest control companies,...and generally killed many rats while sealing every entry point, crack, and crevice. But they always got back in....It seemed there was no hope and we would have to live forever with the scurrying of little feet in our attic. Finally we came to the decision to remove our cedar siding and stucco...”

Fortunately, Randy found an article involving one of Central Florida's larger pest control companies and how they incorporated the Evictor® to repel rodents for their own customers' attics and crawl spaces.  Randy admits if he hadn't read about the support from this company, he would have been skeptical of the Evictor®'s claims.  Randy ordered the Evictor® Strobe Lights for his attic and was pleased with the results:

“This is a device to which I wholeheartedly give my seal of approval. It worked when nothing else, including professional help, would. My personal experience with this product is overwhelmingly positive...a unique solution if you need to chase rodents from an enclosed space.”

Randy's Rat Control Reviews website is honest and thorough in offering rodent control advice.  Roof rat issues are no laughing matter, but Randy's videos are both comedic and informative.  We appreciate his material and hope you will too.

If you would like to read Randy's original post, you can find it here:

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