December 15, 2017

Customer Question: Will The Evictor® Work for Bats?

By Ryan Earl

From time to time we receive emails regarding bats in the attic and how to effectively get rid of them. 

Evictor® Strobe Lights do a fantastic job with humanely evicting several types of animals in the attic...


Read on for the answer!

Customer Shelly writes:

I am not exactly sure, but I think it may be bats based on the activity. I am leaning towards the thought of bats because there are no rats coming into the house for food. Squirrels, I think make a lot more noise because they are not quiet animals and communicate with each other. These creatures seem quiet. I have heard movement but in a quiet fashion.

Bill Earl wrote back to Shelly to share his first-hand experience from another customer's bat problem.

Bill Earl says:

"Through experimentation, I found that after an Evictor Installation the situation actually got worse. The strobe tends to drive the bats down into the walls of the house...not a good thing.”

For Bat Problems, Evictor® recommends the following:

1. Go out and watch your house at dusk
This is when the bats will leave your attic--you'll be sure to see them, if you have them.

2. See if you can identify the location of the entry points
Bats use slots instead of holes!

The slot will usually have a black residue around it.

3. Install a Batcone to the slots you found

"A company called Batcone, makes cones specifically designed to be used as a one way door for the bats. The bats exit the cone (placed over the hole) and can not re-enter”, Bill suggests. 
To find this product, visit:

Batcone® for humane bat removal

4. Extra Credit....Install a Bat House!
By installing a bat house, you're providing a quick and easy relocation for the bats.
We recommend checking out
Bat Conservation International's site:

Bat Conservation Intl for more bat house information

If you have any questions specific to wildlife in your attic or crawl space, please let us know!  We will always point you in the right direction.