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"Believe me, the lights are just as nasty for you and me as they are for pests," he says. "in training, we'll keep one on for about four cycles before people say: 'Okay, we get it. You can turn it off now. . ." - Massey Services, FL


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What is it

The Original Patented Strobe Lights
Trusted Worldwide Since 2004


  • Covers 30×30 Feet (900 sq .ft.) Attics and Crawlspaces
  • Easy Installation - Hangs from Beams & Rafters with Hook and Chain
  • Plugs into standard 120V AC Electrical Outlet 
  • Humane, Safe, and 100% Effective
  • Includes (1) Strobe Tube & (1) Metal Hook for Hanging
  • Made in USA

We Interviewed Bill Earl, Wildlife Pro about how he solved a 37 year old squirrel problem.

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User Reviews

We own an apartment building along the Delaware River and have had many issues with squirrels ( flying & grey), ,rats and birds getting into our attic for over 20 years. Have tried everything from traps, to hiring professional companies ($$$) to get rid of rodents. Nothing ever worked, they always came back. Tenants would complain constantly of the sounds - like small herds of sheep running around all night in the attic. FINALLY , after some research and reading so many great reviews we decided to buy The Evictor Strobe Light. We have a large attic , so we bought the 100k Strobe. I installed the Evictor Strobe just before it got dark and couldn't wait to test it out. Plugged it in ( DO NOT LOOK AT THE STROBE AS I DID). There were four access holes the rodents used to get in the attic. These become EXITS within 10 minutes of plugging it in! To test it even further, i still, to this day ( a year later), HAVE NOT sealed these access holes. Still not a single sound, smell, nothing... I HIGHLY recommend this product over any other pest control device. There truly is NOTHING that will work better. The Evictor Strobe is the #1 rodent deterrent device hands down. No poisons, no annoying sonic sounds as some products create ( they don't work and can harm pets hearing , etc) no expensive rodent control technicians, no problems!!! Thank you Pest Tools!

- Roger

So Far, So Good

I've had (presumably) the same raccoon coming back to my attic every year for 4-5 years. It would sleep directly above our bedroom, which is built into part of the attic (so the ceiling is raised in the attic over 12 feet, and impossible to get to). I would have to rebuild part of the roof line to prevent it from coming in, and I can't reach the entrance from inside the attic. Thankfully I came across the Evictor Strobe Light online in my research. After hanging the light near the entrance over a month ago, I haven't heard the raccoon come back once!


It works!

     I have fought squirrels in our attic for years. I've blocked their routes. They just chewed more holes in my roof. I've shot them. More of them just moved in. I cut the trees by the house. They can climb anything. I finally gave this a try. Oddly, after ordering it, I learned that we also had raccoons in our attic. So, this was going to be an even bigger test. Sure enough, this immediately drove the squirrels off. The raccoons didn't leave within 48 hours, but they did leave within a week. Several months later the squirrels are staying out completely. We do have one in our yard, but he is building his Winter nest in a tree. He's not coming in at all. Two or three times we have heard the raccoons come back, but they only try it out for part of a night and then leave again. They obviously remember it as a good place to live and keep hoping that the light it gone. It isn't and won't be. A highly recommended product that works as stated. Actually it works better because they made no claim for raccoons." Clyde

It Solved a 40 Year Squirrel Infestation

     I had extensive squirrel problems for over 35 years. Two units were placed in my attic space and the problem was solved in 48 hours. I am so satisfied that there is a product out there that finally works. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years but they always returned. The squirrels do not even come around my house anymore."

- Fran
Gwynedd Valley, PA

It Works

Over several years, we tried different animal trapping and enclosure companies to eliminate roof rats. The rats would go away for a year or two and then we would again hear them in the attic. Most recently we had a company trap rats and re-do previous as well as add extensive new enclosure work. The rats came back in a couple of weeks. We did internet research looking for a solution and found these strobe lights. We were skeptical but also desperate and decided to give the lights a try. We started by ordering a few lights and it appeared the rats moved from the strobe light area to other areas of the attic. We then ordered lights to cover the entire attic area. We used a lot of lights because our attic has a lot of recesses. It has now been over seven months since we installed the lights. The rats were gone in a week or so and we have not had rats since.

Works Great!

I have had trouble with squirrels in my attic for at least 5 years and nothing solved the problem until I got the Evictor Strobe Light. Within 3 days the mama squirrel and her babies were gone and haven't returned. I have recommended this product to everyone I know. Worth every penny I paid and much cheaper and more efficient than exterminator companies.

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