January 29, 2018

Squirrel Problem Solved! [Featured In Family Focus Blog]

By Ryan Earl


Blogger, Scarlet Paolicchi, of Family Focus Blog, shares her experience using the Evictor® Strobe Light.

As her blog name implies, Scarlet's articles are all focused on family. 

Her articles range from parenting advice, travel tips, sharing recipes, craft ideas, and ways to be eco-minded.

So how did Scarlet solve her squirrel problem?


Finding the right solution for getting rid of squirrels in the attic shouldn't be hard!

Even though the scampering squirrel noises were annoying, Scarlet admits she did not immediately look to get rid of the squirrels in her attic. 

It wasn't until an online search exposed that squirrels are responsible for about 30,000 house fires each year.


Scarlet breaks down her thought process and personal experience:

"If the thought of them burrowing around and doing their business in your attic doesn’t upset you, the fact that they could chew through your electrical wires and cause a house fire should..."

Finding out about the dangerous possibility of having a house fire is what made Scarlett decide it was time for the squirrels to go!

"When I learned that they could be endangering my family, I jumped on it", Scarlet writes. 

The first step Scarlet took was finding a pest professional in her area for a quote. 

After her attic was evaluated, Scarlet was struck by the total cost for the squirrel removal service--her estimate was $918.75!


In her post, Scarlet provides the breakdown of the costs.  She comments, "I decided to pass (it) up because it was so expensive".

She tried searching the internet again for an alternate solution.

Scarlet needed an easy solution that would also be cost-effective in ridding her attic of squirrels. 

Scarlet found our website and read up on the Evictor!

She contacted us about the Evictor® Strobe Light to find out more.

As Scarlet's article states, she wanted to make sure the Evictor® was not an ultra-sonic device, and the Evictor is not! 

The Evictor® does not emit any noise and no chemicals. 

Scarlet's family includes: a dog, a cat and a chinchilla...

So she absolutely did not want anything that would affect the squirrels sound-wise! 

If squirrels could pick up on an ultrasonic sound, it could likely affect pets too.

Scarlet also notes not wanting to chance any ultra-sonic instruments on human family members either--you never know, right?

After a little email correspondence, we determined Scarlet's attic required 2 lights.  Both lights were easily installed and the results were exactly what she had hoped for.

Scarlet says:

"I set the Evictor up in my attic and I haven’t heard the squirrels since. I love something that is easy and works. I suggest the Evictor for anyone who wants to know how to get rid of squirrels in attic. You have nothing to lose with their Satisfaction Guarantee"

We really appreciate Scarlet trying out our product and then sharing this fantastic post! 


Her review was thorough and we loved seeing her pictures of the unboxing and of her installation.

We firmly believe there are many of you out there like Scarlet who want a safer and easy alternative to trapping and poisoning! 

We hope you will find the solution to your nuisance wildlife problem with Evictor® Strobe Lights too.

If you would like to see Scarlet Paolicchi's post, please visit her site: