May 31, 2016

Solving the Most Difficult Squirrel Problems Q&A

By Ryan Earl
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This post is a Question and Answer from a Customer living in Maine.  The following Q&A could help other customers dealing with squirrels in their attic or crawlspace that haven't moved out immediately after installing the Evictor®.  

Keep in mind that squirrels in attics could have babies and in the coldest months of winter will need time to build a nest outdoors before completely vacating the attic.  Squirrels with babies can also be very territorial, so try not to get too close when entering your attic or crawlspace to install the Evictor.

Customer: Dear Evictor,

I purchased an Evictor 10K for my fairly recent squirrel problem in my small open attic.  I received the Evictor last Tuesday February 9 and had it installed on Wed. February 10.  The attic is about 10 X 8 in size and all open with floor insulation.  The Evictor has been hung in the middle of the attic.  This problem with squirrels started about 2 to 3 months ago and the Evictor is my Plan C.  Rat traps then a high frequency device has failed me. 

After I had the opening sealed by a carpenter, they made a new hole into the vinyl siding and regained entry.  There has been some activity in the mornings and night.  They seem to be running crazy at night now.  It has been 1 week today since the Evictor has been installed and functioning.  Your site says 24-48 hours before they depart.  My home is in Maine and there has been extremely cold weather and snow/ice.  Do you have any suggestions regarding the Evictor and if you feel this will work eventually?

Bill from Evictor: Wondering how you made out with placing the Evictor right above the nest......any problems, don't hesitate to call.

Customer: Thanks so much for your email.  It is being moved to the entry area today as you suggested.  I will let you know soon how it goes.  ;)...

...As you know, I moved the strobe light a few feet from their entrance right next to their nest and they are still there.  We can hear them in the morning and at night.  At this point, I think I will try to live catch them and move them.

Any thoughts?  Thank you!

Bill from Evictor:  It is likely that the squirrels have babies, or are about to have babies, so they have to build a new nest outside before they move out of your attic.

Take notice if they are trying to build a new nest in a tree in your yard.

If you put the Evictor strobe directly above the nest, you will have the best chance for success.  Give this one last try.  If the squirrels have babies and you trap the parents, the baby squirrels will be left to die.  

Customer:  I'm happy to give this a try!  It appears the big ball nest in the attic is not there anymore.  I'm not sure what happened with that but I will keep you updated!
Thanks again for all your input!

Bill from Evictor:  I tell all my customers that they are winning the battle when they see a new nest in the tree.  Sometimes their old summer nest blows away, then the mother squirrel is really in trouble and has difficulty moving out the baby squirrels.

I carry Duncraft squirrel boxes on my truck and recommend placing them on the back of your property, or near where the old nest was is also a good location.  The squirrel box will speed up the transition.

Here is the link: Duncraft 3068 Squirrel House

A little peanut butter on a peanut butter cracker, placed in the box will draw them to it.

Customer: Believe it or not, I think the squirrels have moved out.  The insulation nest that they had made in my attic is gone.  We do not hear them anymore.  :)   I will look around my back yard for a possible nest and am very open to giving the box with peanut butter a try.

Thanks again for your excellent customer support.  I'm sure you are accustomed to home owners becoming extremely overwhelmed. (and feeling like giving up)  Keep in mind that the Evictor Strobe was my Plan C. ;)   Looks like you are correct that they just needed more time to move out of my home.  It could not have been a good atmosphere with that constant bright light.

How much time should I give it before I have someone repair the holes on my home?

Thanks again!

Bill from Evictor: Glad that you had good luck with the squirrels moving out.  I like to leave at least a month before doing any repairs.......sometimes if the hole does not result in rain water damage, I leave the hole open for as long a year.  This way, if the squirrels come back, they don't have to chew a new hole to find out that your attic is still an undesirable place to be. It depends on how much time the squirrel has been living in the attic and the squirrel's aggressiveness or desire to be there.