What the Pros are Saying

What the Pros are Saying

Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic

Deb Welter
It's obnoxious and boy does it work..we have four different parts of our attic attached by soffits. We couldn't get to the soffits. We did the radio and lights up there. Didn't do a thing, and Bill came in with the strobes, and of course I don't want anything that's going to hurt the animals. Animals are my life, so Bill came up with a really good solution.
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Massey Services Inc.

Bob Belmont Entomologist MS

Massey Services Inc. is one of the Top 5 Largest Pest Control Companies in the US

On one of our tests in the past month we have placed your (Evictor® 10K) in a squirrel infested attic in Lake Mary, Florida. With only one unit, the (Evictor® 10K) elimated squirrel noises at one end of the home but forced the squirrel(s) to the other end of the home.

We then placed the unit at the other end of the home and in a few more days the squirrel(s) had completely left the attic. We continued to run the unit for over 2 weeks after the squirrels left, and since no further activity existed for such a long duration, we removed the unit last week.

In this test we have left the squirrel entry points unsealed to see how long it might take before any squirrels re-enter. It's been one week now and they haven't re-entered! I'll keep you posted.

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