About Us

EVICTOR® Strobe Lights are trusted by Residential and Commercial Customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Bill Earl was a handyman who was asked to repair damage caused by squirrels in attics and crawlspaces in the Philadelphia area.  When he realized there was no permanent solution for squirrel problems in homes he developed the Evictor.

Trusted Worldwide

Pest Tools® Strives to be an Industry Leader by Offering Pest Control Solutions which are Effective and Easy to use for Consumers and Pest Control Professionals.

Pest Tools®, through intensive testing and customer satisfaction, is certain that our unique high intensity strobe light evicts squirrels, roof rats, norway rats, and raccoons from dark uncluttered areas within a house or commercial building.

What separates us from imitators is the uniquely bright lights that we use.  Evictor® Strobe Lights work without a doubt on the worst squirrel, rat, and raccoon problems.

We Design and Build our Products in the USA.

Pest Tools® is located in the Philadelphia area. We are proud that our products are built by Americans and shipped across the United States & Canada.