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REAL Customer Reviews

Here in Corona, CA, we have roof rats. I, unfortunately, had a few as unwanted house guests about 3 years ago and the exterminator couldn't get rid of them. They even ate the wiring in my near new refrigerator and I had to buy a new one!! I tried everything but couldn't get rid of them completely. Then I found the Evictor site and thought it was worth a try. I bought one, installed it and have not had one problem since!!!!!! I will never be without my strobe light in the attic! Thank you, Evictor!

Cheryl P.

We had flying squirrels and called a wildlife company - they wanted $1500 to put out traps and remove the critters. That really wasn't in our budget, so I decided to do some research, and stumbled across Evictor - I figured for the cost difference - we would try it. After 2 days we haven't heard anything from any critters. I would order it all over again!!

Tucson J.

Pack rats chew wiring in any vehicle not in a garage. Very, very expensive repairs and frustrating. Nothing seemed to keep them away. The Evictor seems to have done the trick. It's meant for inside use, but desperation made me get the Evictor. I'm quite pleased with it.

Featured Bloggers and Reviews

Scarlet Paolicchi

Family Focus Blog
"I set the Evictor up in my attic and I haven’t heard the squirrels since. I love something that is easy and works. I suggest the Evictor for anyone who wants to know how to get rid of squirrels in attic. You have nothing to lose with their Satisfaction Guarantee"

Randy Parsley

Rat Control Reviews
“This is a device to which I wholeheartedly give my seal of approval. It worked when nothing else, including professional help, would. My personal experience with this product is overwhelmingly positive...a unique solution if you need to chase rodents from an enclosed space.”


Professional Grade

Effective Pest Solution 
  • 175,000 Candle Power High-Intensity XENON Strobe Light
  • Superior Brightness & Longevity Compared to LED Strobe Lights
  • 360 Degree Strobing Action Shines Light to All Corners of the Attic

Easy to Install

DIY Friendly 
  • Hangs from Beams and Rafters with included Hook and Chain
  • Plugs into Standard 120 volt AC Electrical Outlets
  • Each EVICTOR 10K Professional covers up to 900 sq ft

Guaranteed Solution


100% Money-Back Guarantee

Trust the Original Patented Evictor® Strobe Light for Evicting Rodents in Attics and Crawlspaces backed by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.