Bill Earl, Inventor of the EVICTOR and Wildlife Control Professional, uses 2 EVICTOR strobe lights in his own attic! He suffered with squirrels in his attic for 25 years! Trapping squirrels year after year did not work.  He has used the EVICTOR in his own attic since 2004.

Virginia Bischel

We had squirrels in our attic and could not get rid of them by conventional methods. In desperation one day we started searching the internet for suggestions to rid our attic of squirrels. The strobe light idea came out of that search. We found the Evictor Strobe Light on Amazon, ordered it and installed it. The first night the squirrels went crazy! The second night - complete silence. We did have to buy a second light as the squirrels moved to a different area, which was noted in the Evictor Strobe light instructions. After installing the 2nd light, again, complete silence. My husband and I would highly recommend the Evictor Strobe light to anyone who has rats, mice or squirrels in the attic or crawl space.

William R.

We tried for months to get the flying squirrels out of our attic in 2008. Even the pest service told us it was nearly impossible to get them out. The Evictor lights were our last hope, and they worked immediately. No pests in 9 years! Today we replaced the bulbs for the second time. Just in case.

Marijon S.

I had a terrible infestation of squirrels in my large walk-up attic. I installed the Evictor up there mid-March with the windows covered, and almost immediately noticed a couple of squirrels looking displaced and annoyed on the tree outside their entry point. Haven't heard any up there since it was installed. But some squirrels had been entering the attic between the second floor ceiling and the attic floor, so there could be places in there that the Evictor strobe can't reach. With the warmer weather I've had to open the windows to cool the space, so that could reduce the effectiveness. As soon as I close up all their entry points I'll have a better idea whether they're completely out of there. Wish they made a teeny version of the Evictor that would fit inside a soffit or between the ceiling and floor above. Service from the company was speedy and the product seems durable and well made -- and it's made in the USA.

Dennis M.

I discovered the Evictor through The Evictor does exactly what the ad says. I used the Evictor to evict squirrels in the ceiling crawl space of our house. Within a few minutes after installing the Evictor I heard them scrambling around. Within a day it sounded like they had vacated. I left the Evictor running for a month as recommended and checked the crawl space. No signs of the squirrels. I covered the inside of the gable vents where they entered with wire mesh and have not had any return. Thanks for a great product that delivers what it promises.