Evictor 10K to Eliminate Roof Rats in Attics and Crawlspaces

EVICTOR® Strobe Lights for Roof Rats & Norway Rats in Attics and Crawlspaces

It worked when nothing else, including professional help, would.

After eighteen years of trying to keep the rats out of my attic despite trying every private and professional means I came across the solution.

This is a device to which I wholeheartedly give my seal of approval. It worked when nothing else, including professional help, would. My personal experience with this product is overwhelmingly positive...a unique solution if you need to chase rodents from an enclosed space.


The EVICTOR is the only patented strobe light that is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. It is the most successful method of evicting Roof Rats & Norway Rats from attics and crawlspaces.

EVICTOR® Strobe Lights will annoy a roof rat's sensitive eye sight and force them to find a new nest outside of the attic.

Massey Services Inc uses Evictor Strobe Lights for Squirrels in AtticsThe EVICTOR is used by one of the top 5 largest pest control companies in the nation; Massey Services Inc. to get rid of roof rats, norway rats and feral cats in attics, crawlspaces and darkened areas in residential homes and commercial buildings.

It Works

Over several years, we tried different animal trapping and enclosure companies to eliminate roof rats. The rats would go away for a year or two and then we would again hear them in the attic. Most recently we had a company trap rats and re-do previous as well as add extensive new enclosure work. The rats came back in a couple of weeks. We did internet research looking for a solution and found these strobe lights.

We were skeptical but also desperate and decided to give the lights a try. We started by ordering a few lights and it appeared the rats moved from the strobe light area to other areas of the attic. We then ordered lights to cover the entire attic area. We used a lot of lights because our attic has a lot of recesses. It has now been over seven months since we installed the lights. The rats were gone in a week or so and we have not had rats since."


Product Details


Coverage Area

Each EVICTOR® 10K covers 300 sq ft Attics and Crawlspaces or a 15' x 20' area

30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Each EVICTOR® 10K is backed by a full no hassle return policy