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EVICTOR® High Intensity Strobe Lights for Squirrels in Attics & Crawlspaces

Trusted by Homeowners and Professionals across the United States since 2004.  Trust EVICTOR® Strobe Lights to Get Rid of Your Squirrel Problem Today!

Local Testimonials

Mrs. Mary O’B. of Norristown, PA
“I live in a row home that shares a common crawl space with 4 other homes. My house is located the second from the end . I have had squirrel problems for over 4 years. I went into my bedroom one afternoon and saw a squirrel sitting on the top of my curtain rod. Can you imagine my shock? I contacted a company that I had used years ago that dealt with a prior squirrel problem. I was shown this new product called the EVICTOR and was told of its success with other customers in the area. I purchased the EVICTOR and found it to be well worth the investment. The squirrels were gone in less than 1 day and I have used this product for over 3 months now and not one problem squirrel are in my crawl space. I am going to ask my neighbors to purchase the unit as well. I can go to sleep at night not having to worry if a squirrel will be in my bedroom again. Thank you EVICTOR for your invention. I am completely and totally satisfied with this purchase.”

Mrs. Dorothy W. of Norristown, PA
“I live on my own in a twin home and never had a problem with squirrels for over 40 years. My neighbors had always had problems. Just this past fall, I was hearing squirrels running around my crawl space. I called a local company to see if they could help my situation. I was shown the Squirrel Evictor Unit. I had rented this unit from the company for 2 weeks and decided to buy it even though I am on a fixed income for $295.00. This product has given me peace of mind and is well worth the money. The squirrels have left my side of the common crawl space since it was installed in November. Thank you Evictor Products for your invention. I have recommended this product to my neighbors and anyone who has problems with squirrels. Thank you so much Evictor!”

Mrs. Fran B. of Gwynedd Valley, PA
“I had extensive squirrel problems for over 35 years. Two units were placed in my attic space and the problem was solved in 48 hours. I am so satisfied that there is a product out there that finally works. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years but they always returned. The squirrels do not even come around my house anymore.”

Mr. George S. of Jeffersonville, PA
“I have had problems with squirrels for over 30 years.  After installing EVICTOR® units my problem was solved within 72 hours. I had even tempted the squirrels with food to see if they would return. The squirrels have not returned. This product saved me $35,000 for a new roof that I was going to have installed.”

Mr. Julian H. of Harleysville, PA
“I had just completed an addition to my house where I found an open soffit. I placed 1 unit in the attic space and the squirrels left within 24 hours. Even when the unit was removed the squirrels did not return.”

Mr. Henry B. of Norristown, PA
“I had a problem for over 2 years, I placed 1 unit in a crawl space and the squirrels vacated the house within 48 hours. Thank you EVICTOR®!”

Mr. Robert H. of Norristown, PA
“I had a problem for over 20 years, I installed the EVICTOR® and the problem was solved in 36 hours. I was amazed that this product worked so fast and keeps them out of my house. I will save hundreds of dollars in the future not calling pest control.”

Miss Michele M. of Norristown, PA
“I placed 1 unit above my bedroom crawl space and the squirrels have left in 24 hours. This is the first time I had problems with squirrels. The product worked like a charm.”