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Featured in: "In the Field: Light Makes Right" by Heather Gooch in Pest Management Professional- "Believe me, these lights are just as nasty for you as they are for pests"


"Well, this is the guest-be-gone. When they won't leave, you plug this in, and they are gone in five minutes. And you know what, for your in-laws, they make one with a siren."
- PBS: Ask This Old House "What is It?"

Ask This Old House

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evictor strobe light 10k


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Evictor for Squirrels in Attics & Crawlspaces 10K

High-Intensity Strobe Light

Evict Squirrels, Rats, & Raccoons from Attics & Crawlspaces.
Covers 30×30 Feet (900 sq .ft.) Repels Squirrels, Rats, Raccoons, and Rodents from Attics, Crawlspaces, Wall Voids, and other Darkened Areas Easy Installation –
Plugs into standard 120V AC Electrical Outlet
Humane, Safe, and 100% Effective
Made in USA 

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Innovative & Effective

Pest Tools strives to be an industry leader by offering pest control products which are effective and easy to implement for homeowners and pest control professionals.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are quiet, odorless, and without chemicals. Evictor Strobe Lights are harmless to animals and people.

Safe & Secure

Use of our products offers a measure of security from further damage caused by nuisance wildlife.


30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our products you may return them for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.


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"The strobe light goes on, it flashes a lot, it becomes irritating to them, and the animals get the picture that it's not really a place where they're supposed to be."
- Animal Planet - Backyard Habitat

Pest Tools® Strives to be an Industry Leader by Offering Pest Control Solutions which are Effective and Easy to use for Consumers and Pest Control Professionals.

Pest Tools®, through intensive testing and customer satisfaction, is certain that our unique high intensity strobe light evicts squirrels, roof rats, norway rats, and raccoons from dark uncluttered areas within a house or commercial building.

What separates us from imitators is the uniquely bright lights that we use.  Evictor Strobe Lights® work without a doubt on the worst squirrel, rat, and raccoon problems.

We Design and Build our Products in the USA.


What our customers are saying. . . 

Works Great!!

I have had trouble with squirrels in my attic for at least 5 years and nothing solved the problem until I got the Evictor Strobe Light. Within 3 days the mama squirrel and her babies were gone and haven't returned. I have recommended this product to everyone I know. Worth every penny I paid and much cheaper and more efficient than exterminator companies.


Great Working Product and Customer Service

I never experienced the headaches of having squirrels in my attic until I moved to Georgia almost 12 years ago. My home is surrounded by tall trees and squirrels have easy access to my roof and attic. For the first few years I just ignored the problem; until I noticed the squirrels began to make a hole in my bathroom ceiling from the attic. I took to the internet to find a solution and came across the Evictor Strobe Light. 

After reading the endorsements and testimonials, I was still a little skeptical and apprehensive. I took a chance and purchased (2) 10K units. Within days of installing the Evictor Strobe Lights in my attic the squirrels were gone. I truly believe in the Evictor and have recommended it to several of my friends and neighbors. 

I recently had to have my Evictor Strobe Light units repaired after they kept the squirrels out of my attic for 6 or 7 years of endless service (with only bulb replacements). The customer service and support that I received from Pest Tools in repairing my units was quick, easy, and as reliable as their product. 

Thank You Pest Tools!

#1 Pest Deterent Device Hands Down! Nothing Works Better.

"We own an apartment building along the Delaware River and have had many issues with squirrels ( flying & grey), rats and birds getting into our attic for over 20 years.  Have tried everything from traps, to hiring professional companies ($$$) to get rid of rodents. Nothing ever worked, they always came back. Tenants would complain constantly of the sounds - like small herds of sheep running around all night in the attic.

FINALLY, after some research and reading so many great reviews we decided to buy The Evictor Strobe Light. We have a large attic . I installed the Evictor Strobe just before it got dark and couldn't wait to test it out. Plugged it in (DO NOT LOOK AT THE STROBE AS I DID). There were four access holes the rodents used to get in the attic. These become EXITS within 10 minutes of plugging it in! To test it even further, i still, to this day ( a year later), HAVE NOT sealed these access holes. Still not a single sound, smell, nothing... I HIGHLY recommend this product over any other pest control device. There truly is NOTHING that will work better.

The Evictor Strobe is the #1 rodent deterrent device hands down. No poisons, no annoying sonic sounds as some products create ( they don't work and can harm pets hearing , etc) no expensive rodent control technicians, no problems!!! Thank you Pest Tools!"

- Andy B.

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What the pros are saying:

Massey Services Inc.
Bob Belmont Entomologist MS

On one of our tests in the past month we have placed your (Evictor Strobe Light 10K) in a squirrel infested attic in Lake Mary, Florida. With only one unit, the (Evictor Strobe Light 10K) elimated squirrel noises at one end of the home but forced the squirrel(s) to the other end of the home.

We then placed the unit at the other end of the home and in a few more days the squirrel(s) had completely left the attic. We continued to run the unit for over 2 weeks after the squirrels left, and since no further activity existed for such a long duration, we removed the unit last week.

In this test we have left the squirrel entry points unsealed to see how long it might take before any squirrels re-enter. It's been one week now and they haven't re-entered! I'll keep you posted.

J.C. Erlich Co. Inc.
Mike Griffith District Manager

I recently had the opportunity to try your product, using it to eliminate a heavy population of flying squirrels from a customers attic. In the past, we relied on trapping for this type of work, which was very time consuming and expensive to the customer. Using your product, I was able to perform this service for about 1/3 of what I used to charge, and was still more profitable. I was very pleased with the results we were able to deliver to our customer. I will recommend your product to other managers in our organization, as well as to our technical training staff.

Verminators Wildlife Evictions
Katy Younts

We installed this product by simply hanging it from a beam and plugging it in. Within a day, she reported no noises. Every two days, we received a call stating that the animals were gone still. But then, she turned off the strobe light and went on Vacation for two weeks. On April 13th, the rascals had moved back into her attic. We informed our customer to turn your strobe light back on and keep it on.


What the media is saying:


How to Get Squirrels Out of the Attic

 "A nasty environment must be created, an environment so nasty that they will be repelled and not want to be there."
One option is the Evictor Strobe Light invented by Earl because he was having problems with squirrels in his attic."
Pest Management Professional

PMP "In the Field: Light Makes Right"

"Believe me, the lights are just as nasty for you and me as they are for pests," he says. "in training, we'll keep one on for about four cycles before people say: 'Okay, we get it. You can turn it off now. . ."

The Washington Post

The Washington Post "A Device that Drives Squirrels Nuts"

It's like living in a cheesy '70s nightclub -- a perpetual cheesy '70s nightclub, Studio 54 with a cocaine-addled DJ who refuses to stop the checkerboard dance floor from pulsating."
Pest Control Technology Online

PCT "Going Squirrelly?"

"The Evictor Strobe Light ® is a new tool that can best be described as a repellent. It annoys the animal’s sense of sight and is intolerable. After installation of the strobe light, flying squirrels and Eastern grey squirrels vacate the attic within one or two days."

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Ask This Old House

PBS: Ask This Old House "What is It?"

"Well, this is the guest-be-gone.  When they won't leave, you plug this in, and they are gone in five minutes.  And you know what, for your in-laws, they make one with a siren."
Animal Planet Backyard Habitat

Animal Planet: "Backyard Habitat"

"The strobe light goes on, it flashes a lot, it becomes irritating to them, and the animals get the picture that it's not really a place where they're supposed to be. The thing is make your sure you have your curtains drawn in your attic, because your neighbors are going to think you have something wild going on."
NBC Green is Universal

NBC 10 News, Philadelphia, "Green is Universal"

"If you put out poison in the attic, the squirrels could die. These strobe lights are a safe alternative. If you watch it long enough you kind of get motion sickness."