175,000 Candle Power
High Intensity Strobe Light

Evict Squirrels, Roof Rats, Raccoons and other rodents from Attics & Crawlspaces quickly, easily and effectively.

Rodents Hate Strobe Lights. Guaranteed.


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What our customers are saying:


"I have had trouble with squirrels in my attic for at least 5 years and nothing solved the problem until I got the Evictor Strobe Light. Within 3 days the mama squirrel and her babies were gone and haven't returned. I have recommended this product to everyone I know. Worth every penny I paid and much cheaper and more efficient than exterminator companies."



"I never experienced the headaches of having squirrels in my attic until I moved to Georgia almost 12 years ago. My home is surrounded by tall trees and squirrels have easy access to my roof and attic. For the first few years I just ignored the problem; until I noticed the squirrels began to make a hole in my bathroom ceiling from the attic. I took to the internet to find a solution and came across the Evictor Strobe Light. 

After reading the endorsements and testimonials, I was still a little skeptical and apprehensive. I took a chance and purchased (2) 10K units. Within days of installing the Evictor Strobe Lights in my attic the squirrels were gone. I truly believe in the Evictor and have recommended it to several of my friends and neighbors. 

I recently had to have my Evictor Strobe Light units repaired after they kept the squirrels out of my attic for 6 or 7 years of endless service (with only bulb replacements). The customer service and support that I received from Pest Tools in repairing my units was quick, easy, and as reliable as their product. 

Thank You Pest Tools!"



"We own an apartment building along the Delaware River and have had many issues with squirrels ( flying & grey), rats and birds getting into our attic for over 20 years.  Have tried everything from traps, to hiring professional companies ($$$) to get rid of rodents. Nothing ever worked, they always came back. Tenants would complain constantly of the sounds - like small herds of sheep running around all night in the attic.

FINALLY, after some research and reading so many great reviews we decided to buy The Evictor Strobe Light. We have a large attic . I installed the Evictor Strobe just before it got dark and couldn't wait to test it out. Plugged it in (DO NOT LOOK AT THE STROBE AS I DID). There were four access holes the rodents used to get in the attic. These become EXITS within 10 minutes of plugging it in! To test it even further, i still, to this day ( a year later), HAVE NOT sealed these access holes. Still not a single sound, smell, nothing... I HIGHLY recommend this product over any other pest control device. There truly is NOTHING that will work better.

The Evictor Strobe is the #1 rodent deterrent device hands down. No poisons, no annoying sonic sounds as some products create ( they don't work and can harm pets hearing , etc) no expensive rodent control technicians, no problems!!! Thank you Pest Tools!"

- Andy B.

EVICTOR® Strobe Lights are trusted by Residential and Commercial Customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Bill Earl was a handyman who was asked to repair damage caused by squirrels in attics and crawlspaces in the Philadelphia area. When he realized there was no permanent solution for squirrels problems in homes he developed the Evictor®. Evictor® strobe lights have also been proven effective on Roof Rats in places like Arizona, Texas, & California. Watch his story below:

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